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Jason Kvame Photography is a lifestyle and photojournalism studio that captures memories. Memories crafted into works of art with vivid colors, high contrast, and sharp details to last through the generations

A wonderful couple who is always fun to photograph.

Creating portraits using primary a lifestyle approach but also blending in elements of Environmental, Candid, and Posed portrait photography to not only capture real smiles and real emotions, but to also capture real moments in some of Washington’s most beautiful outdoor locations. As for weddings, I primary take a Photojournalism approach and stay out of the way while you enjoy your day while also having an Illustrative Photography moment to really capture some memorable moments filled with smiles, awkwardness, and love between you and your significant other as you both start a new chapter of your lives together

A portrait of a wild lion on the savana… oh wait it is just a kitten.

Not only capturing Weddings, Maternity, and Portraits but my skills and expertise capture nearly all types of photography


A portrait when I was going by Elysium Photography.

It wasn’t always crazy expensive cameras with crazy expensive and complicated equipment and creating memories for people. It started out much more humble than that. As I started out in the digital age with a very crappy but maybe good point and shoot camera for the day and age. Photographing everything I could find or make work for a picture. The many hikes and trips documented and photographed extensively. Despite the hardware limitations I pushed the little camera to it’s limits of what it can do. Wasn’t until a long time later that I got an introductory DSLR Nikon Camera

Although, ultimately the specific camera model was a terrible choice for my needs but was still leap and bounds better than the point and shoot with a lot more flexibility and control and a wide assortment of lenses. With a few years on the camera I upgraded to what has to be the perfect camera. Heavy and built like a brick. The Nikon D700 was perfection for what I used it for. However times change and with a budding business and tons of photography work lined up I upgraded to the new body the D750 for some of its much needed features. Despite it feeling like a step backwards compared to the older D700

Landscape photo from the Pacific NorthWest

Over the years I have photographed landscapes, seascapes, models, fashion, artwork, vehicles, food, boudoir, senior, engagement, newborn, maternity, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, and perhaps most importantly spent hundreds of hours photographing myself to practice technique and skills. Which doing self-portraits is a lot more time consuming than photographing someone else but did provided a lot of newfound knowledge that brings me to my style and techniques of today.

About Me

Me because sometimes, good photography requires seriousness. Or maybe because it is hard to click a button, hold a reflector, be centered, strike a pose, and look awesome doing it.

I love photography. Well I love a lot of things actually but photography is definitely high on the list as it is a combination of several elements that I love. Challenging? Check. Outside in nature? Check. Artistic? Check. Not to mention the many awesome and interesting people you meet on a daily basis. Really though, despite all my other interest and talents, being a photographer is what defines me the most.

Oh, you want to know more? Well I am also married to a gorgeous wife and have a wild adventurous daughter that everyone wants to claim and take home with them. Which by the way is also known as kidnapping so I don’t particularly endorse it. But she is adorable. I really love being outdoors doing adventurous things such as kayaking, cycling, running, walking, hiking, napping, exploring, swimming, and just everything including riding a motorcycle or working on my car. If indoors I could be found reading, playing games, or editing tons of photos for hours as is the job of a photographer as well.